Power4 round insert cutter
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A patented anti-rotation system, and an optimised body design with a fully hardened nickel coating, ensures long tool life and a ¡®first class¡¯ machining result every time.

Anti-rotation system gives maximum stability
Round insert range with an anti-rotating insert system featuring 4 facets on the insert clearance side and matching locations on the pocket seat. The facets ensure that the inserts do not rotate during machining, this gives increased stability and a secure machining process.

Optimised body design with hard nickel coating
All cutter bodies have a surface hardening treatment using NiCrcoating with a hardness of approx 65-70HRc. To keep the tight tolerance for high quality machining the insert seat pockets are sealed to avoid chips and dirt getting inside the pocket seat during machining (patented). Contact area between the insert and body is maximized to improve the stability.

Main benefits

  • Anti-rotation system
  • Strong and unique design
  • Surface hardening treatment
  • Sealed pocket seat
  • Maximized contact area

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