TS2000 and TS2500
TS2000 and TS2500 General Turning Turning Johor Bahru, JB, Malaysia Supply Suppliers | Best Line Tooling Sdn Bhd
Inserts that cut faster, work harder and last longer. A new generation of grades for heat resistant alloys.

We fly more often and further away, we produce more and consume more electricity every day, and we manufacture more and better products for healthcare...

Aerospace, Power Generation and Biomedical Engineering, growing industries with large potentials, depend on first class production in heat resistant materials like superalloys and titanium alloys.

Turning heat resistant alloys is a difficult and demanding process which requires advanced technology cutting tools of the highest possible quality. To meet these challanges Seco® has developed two turning grades for that specific area of metal cutting, high-quality tools with superior resistance to both heat and wear.

With TS2000 and TS2500, we have improved both quality and reliability by implementing the very lastest manufacturing techniques.

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